4 Top Rated tourist attractions to visit in Granada with American Airlines

Granada is an example of Spanish beauty. It is nicknamed the land of a thousand castles. The gritty Islam rich city is a very Arab in nature city and is full of street paintings, and is a mix of traditions of many a ruler who ruled this place.

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This happens to be a historical place which has been a royal palace, a royal court and is a building that was built in the Renaissance Islamic style. This site has been talked of in many songs and movies. The surrounded gardens are full of myrtle flowers, wildflowers, and long grass; it has also been called ‘ a pearl set in emeralds’. Make american airlines reservations and quickly head to Alhambra.

Hammam Al Andalus

Travel is time for leisure, and Hammam Al Andalus speaks of luxuriant Arabian style baths. As you indulge in the shower or when you are in the steam room, you could take a sip on some mint tea, and take in the Arabian decor. You can select your bathing oil out of fruity and flowery fragrances, and the massage lasts half an hour or extendable up to three-quarters of an hour, you would emerge feeling royal. The surrounds are of candlelit pools. The feeling would soothe your soul, and leave you feeling re-energized. Log in to the american airlines official website and book your tickets quickly!

Monastery of St. Jerome

This historic landmark marks the advent of Christianity and close of the Muslim culture in Spain. The king himself chose which stones would be used in the structure. The building also happens to be Gothic. It is worth booking american airlines flights deals to visit this monastery.

Science Park

The science park would take you on a journey inside the human body. It will even take you on the road to understand how the human mind works. The whole thing is done with the help of interactive consoles. The gamma rays also play an essential role in deciding how healthy you are. While you are making the bookings, be on the lookout for some amazing american airlines deals.

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