The Hottest Restaurants for Tourists to Try in San Francisco

Food is always an integral part of the joy of travelling to a new place for any traveller. We still crave for some authentic experience. When in San Francisco, the restaurants, bars or the cafes attract hordes of visitors. The food drinks and pastry that the city offers is a real bliss.

Therefore, refer to this list, when in the city to get the authentic taste of the place. You have several flights connecting the various locations; find more about it at the American Airlines Official Site.

Buena Vista Café

For the coffee lovers, this is the place to be. For those, who are not big fans of this refreshing drink, it is a place to try it for once. The Irish coffee is the specialty here. The coffee with a whiskey, topped with a whole load of cream will surely change your concept of this drink. It only happened when you can book American Airlines Flights.

Pizza Napoletana

Located at Stockton Street, the world champ in pizza Tony Gemignani makes every kind of imaginable pizza. He has a school, where he trains students on the pizza making skills. Students from all part of the country come here to learn about this Italian dish. The Pizzeria has a lively and friendly atmosphere, and the bar is bustling with a young crowd in the evening.

Original Joe’s

At the Union Street, this Italian- American fare is a must try. The ambiance is attractive with walls covered with interesting photographs in unique frames. You will find it all here, baked lasagna, bacon, eggs, onions with calf’s liver, all classics are here. Do not miss the special burger and fries. Come here for lunch, dinner or a purposeful brunch and drink in the bar to end your meal on a high note.

Slanted Door

Near the Ferry Building is the city’s particular restaurant called Slanted Door. Get the Bay Bridge view while you eat the Vietnamese food, and enjoy your cocktails with an excellent list of different wines.

Hence, when in San Francisco prepare yourself to experience the food culture of the city. The American Airlines Reservations can make your travel more comfortable; do try for the American Airlines Deals as well.

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